Terraform Plugin Framework

A next-generation framework for building Terraform providers.
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Terraform Plugin Framework

terraform-plugin-framework is a module for building Terraform providers. It is built on terraform-plugin-go. It aims to provide as much of the power, predictability, and versatility of terraform-plugin-go as it can while abstracting away implementation details and repetitive, verbose tasks.

Getting Started


terraform-plugin-framework has reached General Availability phase and follows semantic versioning for Go and Terraform compatibility promises. We recommend only using tagged releases of this Go module and examining the CHANGELOG when upgrading to a new release. Major version releases contain breaking changes to existing provider code. Minor version releases introduce new functionality. Patch version releases contain bug fixes or documentation updates.

Refer to Which SDK Should I Use? for more information about benefits over terraform-plugin-sdk.

Terraform CLI Compatibility

Providers built with this framework are compatible with Terraform version v0.12 and above.

Go Compatibility

This project follows the support policy of Go as its support policy. The two latest major releases of Go are supported by the project.

Currently, that means Go 1.19 or later must be used when including this project as a dependency.


See .github/CONTRIBUTING.md


Mozilla Public License v2.0

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