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Hash Checker 2

About application

Fast and simple application that allows you to generate and compare hashes from files and text.

Why this app exists when we have Hash Checker?

Because original Hash Checker app sometimes is hard to maintain and second app can build for many popular platforms from one code base. Flutter framework is fast and stable, so it is a good choice for cross-platform solutions like this. Original app is still maintaining and will not be archived in near future.


Component Plugin Motivation
State manager MobX Because it is simple, reactive, and easy to use. BLoC is very complex to small apps like this.
Navigation AutoRoute Because it has code generation structure and easy to use.
DI Provider Because it is simple to configure and more comfortable than GetIt.


Name Since version Status
MD5 1.0.0 Supporting
SHA-1 1.0.0 Supporting
SHA-224 1.0.0 Supporting
SHA-256 1.0.0 Supporting
SHA-384 1.0.0 Supporting
SHA-512 1.0.0 Supporting
SHA-512/224 1.0.0 Supporting
SHA-512/256 1.0.0 Supporting


Name Since version Status
English 1.0.0 Translated







How to use


Name Language
How to calculate the hash of a file or create custom Hash on Android English

Privacy Policy


If you have any question or feature idea for app, you can open issue on this page or contact me by email [email protected].

How to contribute

Before commit, read Commit Convention. Make sure your build is green before you contribute your pull request. Then:

$ flutter analyze


Name Link to GitHub Account Notes
Artem Fomchenkov fartem
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