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Zinc is a C++ library for spatial processing.

  • Zinc provides efficient functions for processing Morton codes, and things built from Morton codes.
    • Currently only Morton curves because they are the easiest to implement and the only space filling curve on which some functions can be implemented, see get_next_z_address
  • Intervals are a start and end point on the Morton curve.
  • Regions are a finite list of intervals, able to represent arbitrary regions in N-dimensional space.
    • Morton regions a.k.a. linear octree
  • Intervals and Regions can store data, so they can be used as map types, not just set types.
  • AABBs (Axis-Aligned Bounding Boxes) can be used for creating regions
  • Regions have all the boolean set operations implemented on them apart from Xor: union, intersection, subtraction
  • They can be efficiently indexed by position
  • This is alpha software, but it may be useful

Read our blog for more detail


  • The Morton code type is currently limited to a single word size, so the Dimension and BitsPerDimension are currently limited to 2,32 and 3,21.


For usage examples, see test/


  • A C++17 compiler

For testing and installing:

  • Meson sudo apt install meson
  • we use clang++ >= 7 by default for better sanitisation
    • for -fsanitize=implicit-conversion and -fsanitize=integer
    • you can disable them in


CXX=clang++ meson out


ninja test -C out


ninja install -C out (needs permissions for /usr/local/include)


Zn comes from Z-order curve in N dimensions, and all the cool kids name their libraries after elements.

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