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Multi-lingual simultaneous Google translate client
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Google Translate Api2,3463,85393a month ago12June 28, 201782mitJavaScript
A free and unlimited API for Google Translate :dollar::no_entry_sign:
Traduzir Paginas Web2,264
a day ago215mpl-2.0JavaScript
Translate your page in real time using Google or Yandex
Gtts1,780613982 days ago32March 15, 202213mitPython
Python library and CLI tool to interface with Google Translate's text-to-speech API
3 years ago14otherJava
:memo: A translations app without interruptions, copy words and translate directly, show result by top view.
Google Translate Php1,494171683 months ago35August 05, 2021mitPHP
🌐 Free Google Translate API PHP Package. Translates totally free of charge.
Crow Translate1,168
8 days ago63gpl-3.0C++
A simple and lightweight translator that allows you to translate and speak text using Google, Yandex Bing, LibreTranslate and Lingva.
2 years ago53gpl-3.0TypeScript
🌐 Google 翻译 Mac 客户端
4 years ago8Java
Multi-source Translation
Alfred Google Translate523
a year ago23August 25, 202015mitJavaScript
Alfred 3 workflow - translate with google api💵🚫
Googleapi465121118 days ago136September 27, 2022mitC#
C# .NET Core Google Api (Maps, Places, Roads, Search, Translate). Supports all endpoints and requests / responses.
Alternatives To Google Translate Client
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Multi-lingual sample app for the google-translate-server (proxy). It allows you to translate phrases to multiple languages simultaneously, using the Google translate API proxy, but there's whole lot of other stuff you can do, it's just a sample app. AngularJS 1.5.x, using wix-gruntfile as a dev framework. ###See demo here###

Build Status


=> you must have bower and npm properlly installed on your computer.

  1. clone the repo to your computer
  2. run "npm install" to fetch all npm/bower dependencies, and build the project.
  3. run project
  4. for local dev: "grunt run"
  5. to build project: "grunt build"
  • if you are encountering ruby related issues, try running gem install bundler; bundle install; and then repeat the process above.

Local dev

Running grunt will start a local server on port 9000 that will serve the project files. By default the program will run with mock data, configured in server-api.ts. you can change the data or turn off the mocks by setting "enableMocks" property to false in "". When running without mocks, the local server also serves as a proxy, transferring all requests from "$server_url/api/$request" to "$server_url/api/$request". Default server URL for local dev is http://localhost:9333/, as defined in proxy-settings.json file (you are advised to use google-translate-server project).

Alternativelty, to simulate heroku production mode, run grunt build (to create the "dist" folder) and then heroku local to simulate starting the server on heroku. In this case, an express app will serve the files from the dist you have just built. see "web.js" file for more info. You may config a ".env" file to override heroku production settings:

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