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Find the first file matching a given pattern in the current directory or the nearest ancestor directory.

Matching is done with micromatch, please report any matching related issues on that repository.


var findup = require('findup-sync');
findup(patternOrPatterns [, micromatchOptions]);

// Start looking in the CWD.
var filepath1 = findup('{a,b}*.txt');

// Start looking somewhere else, and ignore case (probably a good idea).
var filepath2 = findup('{a,b}*.txt', {cwd: '/some/path', nocase: true});


findup(patterns, [options])

  • patterns {String|Array}: Glob pattern(s) or file path(s) to match against.
  • options {Object}: Options to pass to micromatch. Note that if you want to start in a different directory than the current working directory, specify a cwd property here.
  • returns {String}: Returns the first matching file.



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