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🌠 Simple app to play around with DirectX with an ECS architecture
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14 days ago1July 11, 2022287bsd-2-clauseC++
Cross-platform, graphics API agnostic, "Bring Your Own Engine/Framework" style rendering library.
15 hours ago33June 21, 2022115mitC++
scene-oriented, flexible 3D engine (C++, Python, C#, Java)
a day ago15apache-2.0Batchfile
A modern cross-platform low-level graphics library and rendering framework
16 days ago20otherC++
Real-Time Rendering Framework
4 months ago4mitC++
:zap: 可编程渲染管线实现,帮助初学者学习渲染
a month agomitC++
This repository is intended to be used as a code repository for learning DirectX 12.
14 hours ago7bsd-3-clauseC++
High-Performance Rendering Framework on Stream Architectures
10 months ago34gpl-3.0C++
Multi-threaded DirectX12 renderer w/ HDR, PBR & Multi-monitor support
Everyray Rendering Engine366
17 days ago13mitC++
Robust real-time rendering engine on DX11, DX12 with many advanced graphical features for quick prototyping
9 months ago1mitC++
Graphics API wrapper is written in C++ on top of Directx 12, Vulkan and Metal. Provides main features including ray tracing.
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DirectX 11 ECS Playground

Small DirectX renderer with an Entity Component System architecture.

Table of Contents


You must download Visual Studio IDE and install the C++ package. Now you can open directx11-playground.sln and build the app with f5.




Triangle exemple

A simple triangle. The only example that does not use indexed drawing.

Rotating cube

Rotating cube exemple

A rotating colored cube. Each face is independant so that the colors can be applied without smearing.

Textured primitives

Textured primitive exemple

Show some procedurally-generated primitives with their UV maps.

Model loading

Model loading exemple

Loads a GLTF model with its texture.

[WIC] Skybox

Show an environment in the background using a cubemap.

[WIC] Global GUI

Display a grid, some icons for the lights and a dynamic gizmo to always know the orientation of the camera.

Blinn-Phong shading

Directional light

Phong shading exemple

Setup a simple scene with a directional light and no material. A menu is available to edit ambient, diffuse and specular properties.

[WIC] Multiple light types

Uses multiple point, directional and spotlights.

[WIC] Materials

Uses different objects with different materials applied to them to compare how they react to lighting.

Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR)

[WIC] Gooch shading

Change pixel color value from "cool to warm" based on normal direction angle from the camera.

[WIC] Toon shading

A rendering technique closer to traditional 2D animation.


[WIC] Object picking

Select objects on the scene with the mouse and raytracing.

[WIC] View frustrum culling

Do not render objects outside of the camera view.

[WIC] Occlusion culling

Do not render objects hidden by other ones.

[WIC] High Dynamic Range

Allows a rendered image to show more details when the scene contains both shadows and highlights.

[WIC] Gamma correction

Fix the gamma of the screen.

[WIC] Normal mapping

Show micro-geometry with lighting based on a texture.

[WIC] Parallax mapping

Adds micro-geometry to a model based on a texture.

Physically based rendering (PBR)

[WIC] Directional light

Base exemple of PBR.

[WIC] Multiple light types

Test multiple light types with PBR.

[WIC] Materials

Uses PBR materials.

[WIC] Image based lighting (IBL)

Local illumination technique based on the scene.

[WIC] Screen-space subsurface scattering (SSS)

Shows hows lights can traverse some materials.

[WIC] Hair

Render hair and fur.


[WIC] Directional shadow mapping

Shadows created by a directional light.

[WIC] Point shadow mapping

Shadows created by point lights.

[WIC] Screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO)

Adds more shadows to micro-geometry based on vertex density.

[WIC] Light map

Baked global illumination based on raytracing.


[WIC] Linear transform

Basic translation and rotation loaded from gltf.

[WIC] Squeletal animation

A basic character movement loaded from gltf.


[WIC] Bloom

Show a light with bloom effect.

[WIC] Depth of field

Blur the out of focus area of the image.

[WIC] Motion blur

Blur based on movement of the camera.


[WIC] Particle system

Shows emissive particles.

[WIC] Instanced rendering

Render a forest.

[WIC] Tesselation

Shows how an object contains more or less geometry based on camera distance.

[WIC] Deferred shading

Improve lighting performance with geometry buffer.

[WIC] Deferred plus shading

Improve lighting performance in a forward shading pipeline by dividing the screen on multiple areas.

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