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Cosyan DB

Cosyan DB is an SQL based transactional RDBMS with sophisticated multi table constraint logic and language enhancements building heavily on foreign keys.

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The long term goal of the project is to substitute the business logic layer (like what you would do in Java EE). This approach comes with some immediate benefits:

  • Faster development cycle: no need for coding in Java EE, wait for releases, new deployment, just submit the logic as an SQL statement.
  • Dependency tracking: no need to think about which constraint can be broken by a particular insert, update or delete on a certain table. This is something triggers usually do not cover.
  • Performance: no need for multiple queries to check constraints. More, this integrated can optimize constraint evaluation by caching.


Cosyan DB can be used as a standalone database server, or it can be embedded in a JVM app.

Standalone database server

  • Install Java 8 or later.
  • Download a release from here, or clone this repo and compile from source with Gradle.
  • Unpack the JAR and web files into a destDir.
  • Configure under the destDir/conf dir.
  • Start and stop the database with and
  • Use the built in Web UI or use the HTTP API to submit queries or edit the data directly.

Embed in your JVM project

Alternatively you can embed it into a Java project and submit queries through the Java API.

Config config = new Config("destDir/conf");
DBApi dbApi = new DBApi(config);
Session session = dbApi.newAdminSession();
JSONObject result = session.execute("select * from table;").toJSON();


In addition to SQL, extra features are introduced to help with multi-table constraints:

  • Columns in other tables can be directly referred to via chains of foreign keys.
  • Aggregated views can be defined on one to many relationships - i.e. reverse foreign keys - and used in constraints.

Cosyan DB supports the following SQL DML features:

  • Select
  • Distinct
  • Where
  • Group by
  • Having
  • Order by
  • Inner, left and right join
  • Arithmetic and logical expressions
  • Insert
  • Delete
  • Update

DDL features:

  • Create/drop table
  • Create/drop index (on one attribute)
  • Alter table add/drop column
  • Alter table add/drop constraint

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