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A preview of one of the startpages

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📝 Description

Each startpage folder contains:

  • Source code within src/
  • Preview of the startpage
  • Brief description of the startpage

Set Startpage As New Tab Page

🔨 Build & Sign The Extension

I use web-ext to build and sign my startpage extensions, please note that any modifications you make to the startpages won't take effect unless the extension is rebuilt.

🚨 Please note that this is not the only way to set my startpages as a new tab page, it is just the way I do it.


Install from NPM:

npm install --global web-ext

Got GNU/Linux? It should be available in your distribution's repositories.

Building The Extension

In your terminal:

  1. Clone the repository:
git clone
  1. Jump inside the repository:
cd startpages
  1. Navigate inside the src directory of your desired startpage. Let's use startpage_7 as an example:
cd startpage_7/src
  1. Sign the extension
web-ext sign --api-key=$AMO_JWT_ISSUER --api-secret=$AMO_JWT_SECRET

For more information on how to obtain your api-key and api-secret, read this guide by Mozilla. Signing an extension is talked about under "Signing your extension for self-distribution"

If all goes well during the signing process, you will discover that a new directory, web-ext-artifacts has appeared, and it contains a .xpi file.

  1. Open Firefox, type about:addons in the search bar and drag & drop the .xpi file into the window.
  2. Firefox will now prompt you to add the extension, click Add

You're good to go, the startpage will now appear every time you open up a new tab page.

I'm not the only person making these, there's a whole community just as passionate about spicing up the once boring space most people forget about! You can find many more startpages on reddit at r/startpages!

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