Create a GraphQL schema from swagger spec
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Build a GraphQL schema from a given Swagger or Open API specification.


To install swagql as devDependency run:

npm i -D swagql


cat swagger.yml | npx swagql [-p <babel-plugin1-path>,<babel-plugin2-path>] [-n NamePrefix_]> schema.js

Input swagger schema can be in YAML or JSON format. The generated schema exports a schema object and two symbols FETCH and VERIFY_AUTH_STATUS. These symbols should reside in the context used while creating the GraphQL server.

The definition of VERIFY_AUTH_STATUS symbol is optional. It is used to check the authorization status for given request and swagger auth config. If a given request does not satisfy the required auth status, you can throw an auth error from this function. requestContext can be used to hold the information about the current request, such as the request object itself.

In the case where you are merging multiple schemas, you may wish to have all of the methods and types be unique, and can pass the --name-prefix (or -n) flag to prepend the given string to all of the above.

const { schema, FETCH, VERIFY_AUTH_STATUS } = require(pathToSchema);

function verifyAuthStatus(requestContext, authConfig) {
    // verify if current request satisfies authConfig for the given endpoint.
    // if not, throw an auth error.
const context = {
  [FETCH]: apiClient.fetch,
  [VERIFY_AUTH_STATUS]: verifyAuthStatus.bind(null, request),

Use schema and context in your app

const { graphql } = require('graphql');

graphql(schema, query, context)
  .then(result => console.log(result));


If given REST API response includes lists, we need to add page info and edge connection cursors to handle pagination in GraphQL.

To handle this, the generated schema looks for convertArrayToConnection and parseCursorOptions function definitions in ./array-to-connection.js. SwagQL provides a default implementation for array-to-connection. If your APIs return pagination information in the response, the default implementation can be used as follows:

// array-to-connection.js
module.exports = require('swagql/array-to-connection');

If your API responses handle pagination differently, you may have to customize array-to-connection implementation.


test/fixtures/petstore.json is taken from https://petstore.swagger.io/v2/swagger.json

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