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Sync, Segment, and Send your Product Data Everywhere

Grouparoo is an open source framework that helps you move data between your data warehouse and all of your cloud-based tools. Learn more at

Grouparoo Data Bowtie

This is the Grouparoo Monorepo, containing the source code for @grouparoo/core and many plugins. If you are looking for an example about how to run or deploy Grouparoo, please visit

Documentation and Guides

  • Ready to Try Grouparoo?
  • Grouparoo is Open Source, and easy to run on your laptop or in the cloud.
  • View the Getting Started Docs.
  • Want to learn more about how to configure and use Grouparoo?
  • Grouparoo can be configured without needing to write any code. Learn how to connect to your Sources and Destinations to begin syncing your data.
  • View the Configuration Guides.
  • View the Runtime Guides.
  • View the Deployment Examples.
  • Want to collaborate with the Community to enhance Grouparoo?
  • Join other Grouparoo Community members to share best practices and tackle problems.
  • Join the Community.
  • Want to learn more about how Grouparoo works?
  • Grouparoo is Open Source, and we welcome community contributions. You can add your own plugins to connect to new Sources and Destinations.
  • View the Development Guide.

Running a Grouparoo Application

This is an abbreviated version of the "Grouparoo Installation Guide". The full version can be found here.

Run Locally with Node.js

Use the Grouparoo CLI to initialize a new Grouparoo Project:

# Assuming you have node.js ( v12+ installed
npm install -g grouparoo
grouparoo init .
grouparoo config

This will generate a package.json and .env file and launch our Config UI for you to begin configuring your Grouparoo instance.

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