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AoE2Tools is an all-in-one Mega Utility that helps new players from steam to move to voobly effortlessly. And extra tools for everyone to use to make your life easier.

This is a demo of AoE2Tools UI

You can also watch 🎦 How To Use AoE2Tools

Table of contents


  • Play Age of Empires II Multiplayer Both On Steam & Voobly Without Issues.
  • HDToAoC to convert AoEII HD To AoC Version (as a new installation).
  • HDToAoC automatically does port forwarding for Voobly, adds firewall rules.
  • Automatic Configuration for Voobly Multiplayer.
  • AoC Version is compatible with all windows systems (Win7/8/10 and later). No color issues/bugs.
  • WololoKingdoms Installer Integrated.
  • WK Cloud Installer (An alternative to WK Installer).
  • UserPatch Fully integrated and customizable
  • Install offline Mods or Voobly Mods directly to your game.
  • Run Any Game Version offline and in windowed.
  • Drag & Drop Replays supports (1.0c, 1.4, 1.5, WK)
  • Watch/Rename/Delete Your Recent Replay.
  • Watch Live Twitch Age of empires 2 streams on VLC or Browser.
  • Twitch Alerts to get notifications from your favorite streamers.
  • Import/Export Custom Hotkeys, Steam Hotkeys, Choose Pro Hotkeys, Backup Hotkeys.
  • Replays Packer.
  • Game Mover.
  • Version Switcher.
  • Change Your Game Language (Arabic included).
  • Multilingual Support for AoE2Tools UI
  • Game Tweaker to boost FPS and Performance.
  • Manager To view stats of your game and backup/restore your game files
  • Voobly Medkit to Fix a variety of issues with the game or Voobly.
  • An integrated Updater for AoE2Tools.
  • VPNSTEIN to bypass Fast Proxy issues even with a mobile internet.
  • And Much More...


  • Minimum Windows System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or later. (Windows 10 is recommended)

  • Minimum .NET Framework: .NET Framework 4.5 or later.


  • Download From Softpedia


  • Download From Github

Download "AoE2Tools X.X.X.X.exe" e.g.

AoE2Tools exe


🎦 AoE2Tools Cloud: Setting up Voobly in 1 Click (By GregStein)

🎦 Steam To Voobly Easy Setup Guide.. AoE2Tools (By GregStein) 'Hotkeys are Auto-Imported!'

🎦 Easy ALL-IN-ONE Voobly Set up! | AoE2 Tools | 2018 UPDATED (By Jred)

πŸ“œ How To Setup AoE2Tools (By GregStein)

πŸ“œ Setting up AoE2Tools for Wine Linux)


### Recorded Games Tab (View)

### Game Settings Tab (View)

### Management Tab (View)

### More Features (View)

For a Live Demo 🎦 How To Use AoE2Tools (By GregStein)


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Thank you all for your amazing support to keep this project UpToDate.



Libraries and projects used within AoE2Tools


AoE2Tools respects all copyrights of Microsoft and it does not distribute age of empires 2 in any manner. AoE2Tool completely relies on your age of empires 2 HD assets and game license to legally convert AoE2HD to Age of Empires 2 The Conquerors.

AoE2Tools is able to detect existing installations of The conquerors version and hence no conversion is need.

I DO NOT take any responsibility for misuse or illegal exploitation of this tool.

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