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Helm Charts - This project includes helm charts developed to deploy Gravitee.io components
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Gravitee.io Stack Kubernetes Helm Charts

This project includes helm charts developed to deploy Gravitee.io components

The repository includes the following charts:

  • Gravitee.io API Management
  • Gravitee.io Access Management
  • Gravitee.io Alert Engine

Note: These charts are only compatible with Kubernetes >= 1.9


Please look in the chart directories for the documentation for each chart. These helm charts are designed to be a lightweight way to configure our official docker images

Chart Docker documentation
API Management 1.x https://docs.gravitee.io/apim/1.x/apim_installguide_kubernetes.html
API Management 3.x https://docs.gravitee.io/apim/3.x/apim_installguide_kubernetes.html
Access Management 2.x https://docs.gravitee.io/am/2.x/am_installguide_kubernetes.html
Access Management 3.x https://docs.gravitee.io/am/current/am_installguide_kubernetes.html
Alert Engine https://docs.gravitee.io/ae/installguide_docker.html
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Helm Charts