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A minimalist Go module proxy handler.

Goproxy has fully implemented the Go's module proxy protocol. Our goal is to find the most dead simple way to provide a minimalist handler that can act as a full-featured Go module proxy for those who want to build their own proxies. Yeah, there is no Makefile, no configuration files, no crazy file organization, no lengthy documentation, no annoying stuff, just a goproxy.Goproxy that implements the http.Handler.



Open your terminal and execute

$ go get


The only requirement is the Go, at least v1.13.

Quick Start

Create a file named goproxy.go

package main

import (


func main() {
	http.ListenAndServe("localhost:8080", goproxy.New())

and run it

$ go run goproxy.go

then try it by setting GOPROXY to http://localhost:8080 by following the instructions below. In addition, we also recommend that you set GO111MODULE to on instead of auto when you are working with Go modules.

Go 1.13 and above (RECOMMENDED)

Open your terminal and execute

$ go env -w GOPROXY=http://localhost:8080,direct


macOS or Linux

Open your terminal and execute

$ export GOPROXY=http://localhost:8080


$ echo "export GOPROXY=http://localhost:8080" >> ~/.profile && source ~/.profile



Open your PowerShell and execute

C:\> $env:GOPROXY = "http://localhost:8080"


1. Open the Start Search, type in "env"
2. Choose the "Edit the system environment variables"
3. Click the "Environment Variables…" button
4. Under the "User variables for <YOUR_USERNAME>" section (the upper half)
5. Click the "New..." button
6. Choose the "Variable name" input bar, type in "GOPROXY"
7. Choose the "Variable value" input bar, type in "http://localhost:8080"
8. Click the "OK" button



If you want to discuss Goproxy, or ask questions about it, simply post questions or ideas here.


If you want to help build Goproxy, simply follow this to send pull requests here.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

License can be found here.

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