A lightweight package for loading dot env (.env) files into structs for Go projects
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📝 Go INI config management. support multi file load, data override merge. parse ENV variable, parse variable reference. Dotenv file parse and loader. INI配置读取管理,支持多文件加载,数据覆盖合并, 解析ENV变量, 解析变量引用。DotEnv 解析加载
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GoLobby DotEnv is a lightweight package for loading dot env (.env) files into structs for Go projects


Supported Versions

It requires Go v1.16 or newer versions.


To install this package run the following command in the root of your project.

go get

Usage Example

Sample .env file:





Sample .go file:

type Config struct {
    Debug bool      `env:"DEBUG"`
    App struct {
        Name string `env:"APP_NAME"`
        Port int16  `env:"APP_PORT"`
    Database struct {
        Name string `env:"DB_NAME"`
        Port int16  `env:"DB_PORT"`
        User string `env:"DB_USER"`
        Pass string `env:"DB_PASS"`
    IPs []string `env:"IPS"`
	IDs []int64  `env:"IDS"`

config := Config{}
file, err := os.Open(".env")

err = dotenv.NewDecoder(file).Decode(&config)

// Use `config` struct in your app!

Usage Tips

  • The Decode() function gets a pointer of a struct.
  • It ignores the fields that have no related environment variables in the file.
  • It supports nested structs and struct pointers.

Field Types

GoLobby DotEnv uses the GoLobby Cast package to cast environment variables to related struct field types. Here you can see the supported types:


DotEnv Syntax

The following snippet shows a valid dot env file.

String = Hello Dot Env # Comment

# Quotes
Quote1="Quoted message!"
Quote2="You can use ' here"
Quote3='You can use " here'
Quote4="You can use # here"

# Booleans
Bool1 = true
Bool2 = 1 # true
Bool3 = false
Bool4 = 0 # false

# Arrays
Ints    = 1,2, 3, 4 , 5 # []int{1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
Strings = a,b, c, d , e # []string{"a", "b", "c", "d", "e"}
Floats  = 3.14,9.8, 6.9 # []float32{3.14, 9.8, 6.9}

See Also

  • GoLobby/Config: A lightweight yet powerful configuration management for Go projects
  • GoLobby/Env: A lightweight package for loading OS environment variables into structs for Go projects


GoLobby DotEnv is released under the MIT License.

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