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GO-JEK Helm Charts

This is a GO-JEK helm charts repository. This has helms that we are using at GO-JEK. The charts will be in incubator until deemed stable.

How do I enable the GO-JEK Incubator repository?

To add the GO-JEK Incubator charts for your local client, run helm repo add:

$ helm repo add gojektech-incubator
"gojektech-incubator" has been added to your repositories

You can then run helm search gojektech-incubator to see the charts.

How do I install these charts?

Just helm install gojektech-incubator/<chart>.

For more information on using Helm, refer to the Helm's documentation.


Chart Format

Take a look at the alpine example chart and the nginx example chart for reference when you're writing your first few charts.

Before contributing a Chart, become familiar with the format. Note that the project is still under active development and the format may still evolve a bit.

Contributing a Chart

We'd love for you to contribute a Chart that provides a useful application or service for Kubernetes. Please read our Contribution Guide for more information on how you can contribute Charts.

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