a cross-platform browser focussed on privacy.
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This is the source code of gngr, a new cross-platform browser that champions privacy. gngr is an independent implementation of web standards in pure Java. It is not a wrapper around other browser engines.

gngr plans to protect privacy by

  • disabling the following by default: Cookies, Javascript, XHR requests and providing fine granuality of control over them.
  • by implementing in a high-level language that is easier to audit
  • by using run-time sandboxing

Read the introduction to know more.

gngr Inception


This is an early prototype that is usable with simple websites.

Security-wise, the code isn't hardened at all! Use the current version:

Do Not use the current version with critical websites such as banking websites or web-mail.

Development Status

As of July 2022, our focus is to improve layout and rendering. We have developed grinder to automate layout and rendering tests. Here's a chart showing our progress (click for more details):

We are also using web-platform-tests for stabilising the DOM support.


For building and running from the command line:

  1. git clone this repo
  2. ant -f src/build.xml run to build and run gngr

For developing, we recommend setting up Eclipse, although it is possible to use other IDEs or command line tools as well, with the help of the ant build script.


Everyone is welcome to contribute. Issues that can be easily picked up are marked with the following tags:

  • need-code : if you are ready to jump in with code.
  • need-advice : if you have expertise on the topic.
  • need-triage : if you would like to help test or analyse a particular issue.

You are welcome to take up something that is not listed above, but please co-ordinate with us first before you spend effort on it.

See the contributing guide for more details.

Ways to reach us

License & Copyright


  • Copyright 2009 Lobo Project
  • Copyright 2014-2018 Uproot Labs India Pvt Ltd

Some parts of the code are provided under the LGPL license. Their directories contain their respective license files.


gngr began as a fork of the now-defunct project called the lobo browser (see credits). For archival purposes, the history of all commits that transform lobo code from its CVS repository to the very first version of gngr is available in a separate repository.

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