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Awesome Open Source


Torrent streaming server controlled by REST API's


docker run -d \
--name streamrest \
-p 1010:1010 \


go mod download
go build -ldflags="-extldflags -static -w -s" -tags=nosqlite


streamrest [-port PORT] [-dir DOWNLOADDIR] [-noup]


Get Playlist

This is also for starting a stream

Automatically create a playlist file for the selected files

For specific directory it is seperated by / like directory/file


To play a magnet link directly


To stream all files of torrent




Add Magnet


Start a torrent download without opening a stream

If none of the parameters are given it will respond with the files inside the torrent. Which can be used re-calling the endpoint with the specified filenames.

For specific directory it is seperated by / like directory/file

Request body

    Magnet: "magnetlink"

    // Parameters
    Files: ["file1", "directory/file2"] // Download selected file/s.
    AllFiles: false // Set to true to download all files in the torrent

Manual stream

This only works if the given file is downloading or already downloaded


Remove torrent


Stops torrent download and deletes its files

Request body

    InfoHash: ["infohash", "infohash2"]

List all torrents


A array of infohash of all active torrents

To get the info of a specific torrent


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