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An interactive GraphQL schema visualization tool built with React. Create your schema, set up relations, generate and save your schema files and test your schema by writing some basic queries with Graphiql. Start exploring the capabilities of GraphQL with our App.

Getting Started

Create a GraphQL Schema

  • Create tables with the green button
  • Clear all tables with red button
  • Fill in each property of your schema and select each property class
  • Create relations between tables by dragging a line and connecting a table to a row
  • Save your schema file by clicking "Save Schema"

Exploring Queries

Explore with Graphiql and Mock Data

  • Once your tables are created click on "Test Schema"
  • This will launch GraphiQL and faker.js provides random data for you to send queries against your schema

Built With




This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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