The NFT Bay is the galaxy's most resilient NFT BitTorrent site! You wouldn't steal a JPEG (or would you)

The NFT Bay is the galaxy's most resilient NFT BitTorrent site!

         The Billion Dollar Torrent:                                                
         All the NFT's on the Ethereum & Solana blockchains.                        
           Written By :                      
           Release Notes : Did you know that a NFT is just a hyperlink [1] to an 
                            image thats usually hosted on Google Drive or another   
                            web2.0 webhost?                                            
                            People are dropping millions on instructions on how to  
                            download images. That's why you can right click save-as 
                            because they are standard images. The image is not      
                            stored in the blockchain contract.                      
                            As web2.0 webhosts are known to go offline (404 errors) 
                            this handy torrent contains all of the NFT's so that    
                            future generations can study this generations tulip     
                            mania and collectively go...                            
                            "WTF? We destroyed our planet for THIS?!"               
                                                   --- Geoffrey Huntley             
           Group News :  RAZOR 1911 has experienced a few changes over the last  
                            weeks so, but rest assured, the rumours of our          
                            demise have been GREATLY exaggerated...                 
                            Please welcome back to RAZOR BLADE to the RAZOR 1911    
                            Leader board!                                           
                            Please welcome back to THE RENEGADE CHEMIST to the      
                            RAZOR 1911 member list!                                 
                            Please welcome DARK OVERLORD to the RAZOR 1911          
                            cracking team!                                          
                            Please welcome KEANU to the RAZOR 1911 team!            
                            Please also give welcome to RAZOR's newest additions    
                            to the kick-ass spread team:  The Calibre &             
                            Black Mantle                                            
                            Please welcome RAZOR'S newest affiliate:                
                            THE JOLLY ROGER, run by PEGLEG.  Welcome aboard!        
                            In case you missed it in the public announcement,       
                            please welcome RAZOR'S new COURIER HQ Suburbia!         
                            If you feel you can help us out in any way, contact     
                            Marauder on any RAZOR HQ and leave a detailed message.  
          Mirage            World HQ     10 Nodes    ITS.PRI.VATE    Big Boss       
          Suburbia          Courier HQ    6 Nodes    ITS.PRI.VATE    The Chairman   
          State/Devolution  USHQ          6 Nodes    ITS.PRI.VATE    Marauder       
          Aquila            European HQ   3 Nodes    +31.PRI.VATE    The Brain      
          Exalted Death     Member Board  2 Nodes    314.PRI.VATE    DeaD GooN      
          The City          Member Board  4 Nodes    813.PRI.VATE    War Master     
          Violent Plygrnd.  Member Board  1 Node     +46.PRI.VATE    Laric          
          Central Park      Affiliate     3 Nodes    +61.PRI.VATE    Grim           
          Dream Theatre     Affiliate     4 Nodes    314.PRI.VATE    Attitude       
          Electric Requiem  Affiliate     2 Nodes    602.PRI.VATE    Lord Shred     
          Maximum Overdrive Affiliate     3 Nodes    512.PRI.VATE    Twin Turbo     
          Midpoint Void     Affiliate     2 Nodes    303.PRI.VATE    Holy Ward      
          Pirates Hideout   Affiliate     2 Nodes    +46.PRI.VATE    BlackSmith     
          Reggae Muffin     Affiliate     2 Nodes    +47.PRI.VATE    Illegal E?ror  
          The Castle        Affiliate     5 Nodes    604.PRI.VATE    The Wizard     
          The Depths        Affiliate     1 Node     214.PRI.VATE    Maelstrom      
          The Jolly Roger   Affiliate     2 Nodes    404.PRI.VATE    Pegleg         
          Bad Dreams        Affiliate     2 Nodes    305.PRI.VATE    Uncvtd Felon   
          The Pentagon      Outpost       3 Nodes    +31.PRI.VATE    Grimlock       
                                   Razor 1911 Leaders                           
                     Marauder - Razor Blade - Randall Flagg - The Brain             
                                   Razor 1911 Members                           
                             Avalon, Big Boss, Cetis, Chairman,                     
                               Chessking, Chronic Halitosis,                        
                       Dark Overlord, Dead Goon, Fallen Angel, Grim,                
                          James Bomb, Keanu, Laric, Odin, Phoenix,                  
                               Serpico, The Renegade Chemist,                       
                                  War Master, Wind Walker                           
                       Razor 1911 Coding/Training/Art Departments               
                            Zebig, Mitch, Martial Artist, Laric                     
                               Night Slasher, Red Wizard, Jed                       
                               Razor 1911 DoX Specialists                       
                        The Chairman, Lorus, Morton, and The Punisher               
                             Razor 1911 Courier Coordinator                     
                                         The Brain                                  
                               Razor 1911 Senior Couriers                       
                                   Faldo and The Dutchmen                           
                               Razor 1911 Elite Couriers                        
                     Cobretti, Cremator, Death Knight, Digital Justice,             
                        Homer, King Lear, Minstrel, Moon, Obliviax,                 
                            Prophet, Rage, The Cardinal, Vivid                      
                               Razor 1911 Trial Couriers                        
                           Corwin of Amber, Cyberpunk, Egg Head,                    
                                 The Calibre, Black Mantle                          
           Beware of FAKE RAZOR MEMBERS/BOARDS/ETC!  If they are not in this NFO,   
                                THEN THEY ARE NOT IN RAZOR!                         
          Razor 1911 is always looking for loyal and interested people to keep the  
          blade sharp.  If you want to apply to be a courier, affiliate, or even a  
          member, please call any of the RAZOR 1911 HQ boards and leave a message   
          for Marauder.  Have someone forward your message if you cannot get on...  
          Interested in Razor-DoX?  Call +1-214-445-0790 and run the Razor-DoX app  
                                  You may write to us at :                          
                                     RAZOR 1911 PC USA                              
                             7154 NORTH UNIVERSITY DRIVE #21911                     
                                     TAMARAC, FL 33321                              
                          IF YOU LIKE THESE NFTS, PLEASE BUY IT.
                                  -*- R A Z O R  1 9 1 1 -*-
                            VERSION CONTROL:  RAZOR.016 11/18/21                    

You wouldn't steal a JPEG (or would you...)

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