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Release Health build

A flutter application with the focus on Release Health.

Android iOS

Run source generators

flutter pub run build_runner build

Getting started

  1. Install Flutter

  1. Run to see what you should do:
flutter doctor
  1. Install dependencies
flutter pub get
  1. Use your editor of choice (recommendation Android Studio with Flutter plugin)

  1. Generate Transient Files

Files used for JSON decoding are generated using build_runner. When run with watch option, rebuilds are done automatically when files change.

flutter pub run build_runner build
  1. Run the App

You can start it from Android Studio in an Simulator, even iOS Simulator.

or run

flutter run 

Build iOS and Upload to TestFlight

  • Provide environment variables needed for fastlane. For example by updating your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zshrc, depending on which shell you are using.
  • Make sure you have your distribution certificate and the provisioning profile installed on your machine.
  • Create an app specific password for your apple developer account:
export FASTLANE_USER="[email protected]" # Your apple developer account
export FASTLANE_ITC_TEAM_ID="12345678" # The identifier of the iTunes Connect (AppStore Connect) team
export FASTLANE_PROVISIONING_PROFILE_NAME="Profile For Appstore" # The name of the provisioning profile
export SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN="Sentry AuthToken" # Used for iOS dsym and debug info upload
export FASTLANE_APPLE_APPLICATION_SPECIFIC_PASSWORD="app-specific-pass-word" # Created from your apple developer account

Restart terminal after entering.

  • You need to install the fastlane plugin

  • Change working directory to 'ios' and run 'fastlane build_ios_and_upload'.

    • The build number from the current TestFlight build will be read and incremented by one.
    • After successfully IPA upload, the lane will also upload local DSYM files and other debug info to Sentry.
cd ios
fastlane build_ios_and_upload

Build Android and Upload to Google Play Internal

Add keystore files upload-keystore.jks, and JSON key file upload-key.json to the android folder. These files are excluded from version control.

Change working directory to 'android' and run 'fastlane build_android_and_upload_aab'.

The current build number from pubspec.yaml will be used. So if you ran the iOS upload before, they will match each other.

cd android
fastlane build_android_and_upload_aab

This will also read the current build number from TestFlight and increment it in pubspec.yaml

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