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  • In focus components we provide a form which even if it was separated in several mixin, was really to use as a stand-alone component.
  • We also found that there was state related issue inside many components, some from focus, some from the one built inside the projects.
  • We also want users to be able to have a better understanding of what is going on, which actions are triggered, how is the state build.
  • We want you to have better devtools to use focus, to have a great Developer Experience.

What is under the hood

  • As in each focus extension, we use a tiny library to manage the application state called redux.
  • Previously we use to have a dispatcher from flux library and build state over EventEmitter
  • Now your state is built with functions and can be built with as many nodes as you need in structure like complex JSON object.

You need to read the awesome Redux documentation. At least the concepts.

Previous concepts

A component Component = f(state, props)


What we rely on

We try to use two concepts

  • Providers: A Provider component will provide (as its name says it) information to all its children via something called the context. (We do not encourage you to write any information in the context by your own). Use the Providers instead.
  • Connectors: When we use a provider inside a component hierarchy, we try to use a connector to access its information.


If I have an application

import React from 'react';
import {Provider as DomainProvider} from 'focus-redux/behaviours/domain';
import myDomains from './my-app-domains';
const MyApp = props => {
  return <DomainProvider domains={myDomains}>
          <MyChildComponentWhoNeedsInformationsFromTheDomain name='great tutorial'/>


const MyChildComponentWhoNeedsInformationsFromTheDomain = props => {
  return <div>Hello props.domain.TEXT.formatter(</div>
export default connectToDomains(MyChildComponentWhoNeedsInformationsFromTheDomain);


Provider(informationsToPassToTheComponentsTree) => Tree => connectToInformations(Child) => The child gets this information in its props.

// todo:

  • [] Check the Provider chain presence (form needs metadata)

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