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Alternatives To Geoalchemy
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WARNING: This package is deprecated and was replaced by GeoAlchemy2 .

GIS Support for SQLAlchemy.


GeoAlchemy is an extension of SQLAlchemy. It provides support for Geospatial data types at the ORM layer using SQLAlchemy. It aims to support spatial operations and relations specified by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). The project started under Google Summer of Code Program under the mentorship of Mark Ramm-Christensen.


Requires SQLAlchemy > 0.6. Supported on Python 2.5 and Python 2.6. Should also work with Python 2.4 but has not been tested. It also requires a supported spatial database.

Supported Spatial Databases

At present PostGIS, Spatialite, MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server 2008 are supported.


GeoAlchemy is at an early stage of development. Its mailing list is available on Google Groups. The source code can be found on GitHub. Also, feel free to email the author directly to send bugreports, feature requests, patches, etc.


To install type as usual:

$ easy_install GeoAlchemy

Or, download the package, change into geoalchemy dir and type:

$ python install


Documentation is available online at You can also generate full documentation using sphinx by doing make html in the doc dir and pointing the browser to doc/_build/index.html.

Package Contents

Source code of the project.
Unittests for GeoAlchemy.
Documentation source.
A few examples demonstrating usage.


GeoAlchemy is released under the MIT License.


The contributors to this project (in alphabetical order are):

  • Eric Lemoine
  • Frank Broniewski
  • Mark Hall
  • Michael Bayer
  • Mike Gilligan
  • Sanjiv Singh
  • Stefano Costa
  • Tobias Sauerwein
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