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Automated Bitcoin and Ethereum trading bot


Use this alternative: Hascheksolutions Cryptotrader

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  • Uses the Coinbase API
  • Works with USD or EUR/USD Wallets
  • Works with Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Automatically buys when your desired BTC/ETH price is reached
  • Automatically sells when your desired earnings are reached
  • Stores buy/sell data in a local JSON file or on a Redis server


  • A Coinbase account
  • Some money on your EUR/USD/USD Wallet on Coinbase
  • Raspberry Pi or some Linux box
  • php5 or up
  • composer
  • (Optional) A Rocket.Chat or Slack webhook which will inform you whenever BTC/ETH are sold or bought


  1. Download the repo by using git clone or download as ZIP file
  2. Inside the Traderbot directory let composer install the dependencies: composer install
  3. Rename to and fill in your data and wether you want to trade BTC or ETH


  1. Re-download or pull repo
  2. check for new settings and add them to your
  3. re-run composer install in the root directory to install new libraries


Command Parameters What does it do Example
buy [amount in EUR/USD] [earnings] Buys the amount in EUR/USD and sells when the earnings are reached buy 100 2 (Buy 100 EUR/USD and sell when the 100 are worth 2 more (102 EUR/USD))
sell [amount in EUR/USD] [crypto price] Adds a high sell order. Will sell amount when the crypto price is reached sell 300 3000 (Sell 300 EUR/USD when 1 coin is worth 3000 EUR/USD)
order [amount in EUR/USD] [earnings] [BTC/ETH price] Adds a low buy order. Will buy amount when BTC/ETH price is reached and will sell when earnings are reached order 500 20 1000 (Buy 500 EUR/USD when 1 coin is worth 1000 EUR/USD and sell when 500 are worth 520
watchdog -none- Starts infinite loop where prices are checked and orders are bought/sold
list -none- Lists all open transactions with IDs
delete transaction ID Allows you to delete transactions
check -none- Checks prices and orders. Does what "watchdog" does but only once
report -none- Reports current status of all transactions to chat webhook
debug -none- Lists all your payment methods and wallets

Start the watchdog

The heart of the bot is an infinite loop that checks periodically for price changes. You can start it yourself or use the script which will put the process in background and log to /var/log/phptrader.log


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