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3D Multi-Sequencer with procedural sound effects & cellular automata playback behaviours


What is it?

A grid-based step sequencer in which a player can create sequences within a 3D environment using physical objects to represent sound events. Inspired by new concept sequencers like the Make Noise René and Intelligel Metropolis, a procedurally generated grid and sample-accurate metronome serves as the foundation for vast step sequencing possibilities. Sounds can be generated via the inbuilt synthesis engine or through samples, or trigger events can be sent via OSC to external applications such as PureData or MaxMSP.


  • Procedurally generated 3D grid
  • Multi-directional playheads to traverse the grid, including polyrhythm via first and last step
    • Game of life cellular automata behaviours for unruly results
  • Audio sample playback
  • 8 voice percussive wavetable synthesiser with parameter controls
  • Step spawning management with undo, paint, brush and select modes
  • 1st person walkabout & 3rd person flyaround views with crosshair
  • Open Sound Control (OSC) integration
  • Multi-channel surround in walkaround view

How do I use it?

The latest windows build can be found in the bin folder. Multi-Sequencer is built with Unity and is not platform specific so go ahead and build it for your own platform!

Ideas / Suggestions

If you have any ideas/suggestions/issues, go ahead and drop or comment or create an issue! I'd love to hear from you :)

Thanks for checking out my project!

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