Cloud AI Platform Notebooks JupyterLab extension cookie cutter project
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4 months ago24apache-2.0Java
HIS英文全称 hospital information system(医疗信息就诊系统),系统主要功能按照数据流量、流向及处理过程分为临床诊疗、药品管理、财务管理、患者管理。诊疗活动由各工作站配合完成,并将临床信息进行整理、处理、汇总、统计、分析等。本系统包括以下工作站:门诊医生工作站、药房医生工作站、医技医生工作站、收费员工作站、对帐员工作站、管理员工作站。需求为东软提供的云医院。
Firestore Store45513 months ago17November 11, 20207mitJavaScript
express-session store for Firebase Cloud Firestore
Automatic Cloud Backup16
4 years ago6Shell
2 years ago1wtfplPython
2 years ago1mitPython
A small CLI to manage BitBucket Cloud via its API
Connect Session Firestore4
5 years ago2mitJavaScript
A Connect/Express session store powered by the Firebase Cloud Firestore.
Barry Cloud3
2 years agomitJava
Spring Cloud Alibaba Nacos Dubbo Gateway 实现微服务架构 权限、身份认证
Sale System3
4 years agoapache-2.0Java
3 years ago1Python
Cloud AI Platform Notebooks JupyterLab extension cookie cutter project
Spring Cloud Demo2
3 years agoapache-2.0Java
spring cloud 学习示例。包括服务合并、代码生成、api文档生成、网关、服务监控、注册中心、feign、分布式事务、链路跟踪、配置中心等
Alternatives To Jupyterlab_cookiecutter
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Cookie Cutter Extension

Cloud AI Platform Notebooks JupyterLab extension cookiecutter project for quickly generating a JupyterLab extension that follows AI Platform best practices. The extension will display a list of strings retrieved from a JupyterLab backend in a React-based side panel widget. Follow the Quick Start instructions to get JupyterLab up and running with a custom example extension installed.


Quick Start

Install cookiecutter:

pip install cookiecutter

Generate a new extension from the template. Press enter at each of the prompts to accept the default value or add the --no-input flag:

cookiecutter https://github.com/gclouduniverse/jupyterlab_cookiecutter -o my_extension

Change to the generated project directory:

cd my_extension/jupyterlab_cookies # Change this to the generated project directory

To build, install, and launch run:

virtualenv -p python3 venv && \
source venv/bin/activate && \
pip install . && \
npm install && \
npm run build && \
jupyter labextension install . --no-build && \
jupyter lab build && \
npm start
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