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WASM rust the ripper

Password cracker made in WASM Rust, inspired by the popular John the Ripper. The app uses a collection of password dictionaries and different algorithms to perform a brute attack in order to get the ciphered password.

Available algorithms

Please, refer to each crate documentation and check its licensing.

Name Algorithm
md2 MD2
md4 MD4
md5 MD5
sha1 SHA-1
sha256 SHA-2 256
base64 Base64
ripemd128 RIPEMD128
ripemd160 RIPEMD160
ripemd320 RIPEMD320
whirlpool WHIRLPOOL
Blake2b BLAKE2B-512
Blake2s BLAKE2S-256

UI Decipher

UI Cipher

Build and run in development environment

Download and install wasm-pack in case you don't have it.

# cd /src/ripper_wasm
# cargo install wasm-pack

Generate the WASM package

# cargo build
# wasm-pack build

Link locally the NPM package

# cd pkg
# npm link
# cd /src/site
# npm link rust_ripper_wasm

Install NPM dependecies

# npm install


# npm run serve

Building and running docker

# docker build -f ./docker/Dockerfile  -t rust-ripper-wasm .
# docker run -p 8080:80 rust-ripper-wasm

Stage environment

The application is being deployed at Stage


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. Check the LICENSE file out for license rights and limitations.

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