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A curated list of awesome things related to the Frappe Framework. Maintained by Gavin D'souza.

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Inspired by awesome-django.

Disclaimer: Projects listed may be third-party community packages. They may not vetted nor endorsed by the contributors. Check each project's compatibility information before using. Use them at your own volition.


Frappe, pronounced fra-pay, is a full stack, batteries-included, web framework written in Python and Javascript with MariaDB (and Postgres too) as the database. It is the framework which powers ERPNext, is pretty generic and can be used to build database driven apps.



Apps that showcase the power of the Frappe Framework

Business Apps

  • Apparelo - Manufacturing Workflow Management for the garment industry.
  • Cargo Management - Package Management App for ERPNext.
  • ERPNext - Open source full-featured business management system.
  • Expenses - An expenses management module for ERPNext.
  • FiMax - Loan Management and Repayment Scheduling for ERPNext.
  • Frappe Desk - Well designed, open-source ticketing system.
  • Frappe HR - An Open Source HRMS for Frappe Ecosystem.
  • Frappe Insights - Free and Open Source Data Analytics Tool for your Frappe Apps
  • Gameplan - Delightful, open-source, work communication tool for remote teams.
  • Healthcare - An open source management system crafted for the medical industry.
  • POS Awesome - An open-source Point of Sale for ERPNext using Vue.js and Vuetify.
  • PropMS - Property Management Solution Powered on ERPNext by Aakvatech.
  • Restaurant - Restaurant App for ERPNext.
  • School - The Learning Management System (LMS) that powers &
  • ServiceMS - Service Management System for ERPNext by Aakvatech.
  • Stone Warehouse - Manage batch wise balance, especially setup for a ceramic tiles vendor.
  • TailPOS - Offline First Open Source POS for ERPNext.

Utility Apps

  • Alerts - Displays custom alerts to specific recipients after login.
  • Background Tasks Unleashed - A Frappe Task Scheduling and Automation.
  • Bulk Webhook - Bulk Webhook allows creating webhook that sends multiple records and also reports from ERPNext, and has support for Apache Kafka.
  • Chat - Modern chat for your Frappe deployments.
  • ERPNext OCR - Optical Character Recognition using Tesseract within Frappe.
  • ERPNext Quota - App to manage ERPNext Site, User, Company and Space limitations.
  • Frappe ReST API Wrapper - Build custom ReST api's on top of Frappe.
  • Frappe System Monitor - Web interface for webserver running processes and system utilization (RAM, CPU, Disk)
  • Go1 CMS - Advanced Content Management System built on Frappe.
  • Pibicut - URL Shortener with QR Code Generator.
  • PibiDAV - Integrate webDAV, calDAV and cardDAV (Future) with a NextCloud Server, used as (DMS), for a copy of Frappe Files uploaded and tagged to NextCloud while uploading files to Frappe.
  • Raven - Simple, open source team messaging platform built for Frappe.
  • Release - Manage releases for Frappe and Frappe Applications.
  • Sentry - Send error logs to Sentry for debugging.
  • Temporal - An ERPNext App that integrates with Redis to rapidly provide calendar information.
  • Wiki - Wiki for serving dynamic data along with a built-in review system.


  • Active User Lister - App that displays a list of current active users.
  • Attachment Control extended - Plugin that gives you more control over the attachments at field level.
  • Database Console - Execute SQL queries directly from Frappe/ERPNext desk just like 'bench mariadb'.
  • DFP External Storage - S3 compatible external storages per folder management app for Frappe and ERPNext.
  • ERPNext: Fiscal Year - Desk plugin that makes date related fields respect the start and end dates of default fiscal year.
  • ERPNext: POS Restrictions - ERPNext plugin that helps in adding some restrictions over default POS.
  • Frappe tinyMCE - Replace frappe's Quill Text Editor with tinyMCE Text Editor.
  • Jodit HTML Editor - Replace Quill Text Editor With Jodit HTML Editor on WebPage and WebForm for Frappe/ERPNext Version 11 & 12.
  • Language Translator - Automatic language translator on Frappe Desk and website.
  • List View extended - List view plugin with more customization sugar.
  • List View: Unassign From - A Frappe plugin that adds the support of unassign from for multiple selection in Desk's List View.
  • Numeric Control extended - Allows for more control over numeric fields on Website & Desk.
  • S3 Attachments - Plug an S3 bucket for storing and fetching files in Frappe.
  • Select Control extended - Plugin that adds the support of options group to the select control.
  • Silent Print - Utility App for printing documents silently, that is, without having to interact with browser's print dialog and send the printing order directly to the printer(s).
  • Strict Session Defaults - Enforces and manages the session defaults popup.



  • Business Theme - Business Theme for your Frappe v14 Apps.
  • Classic White - Classic White theme for your Frappe v13 Apps.
  • Material Blue - Material Blue Theme for your Frappe v12 Apps.
  • Material UI - kims Theme Material UI for ERPNext.
  • Pink - @Muhammad-shaalan's Pink theme.
  • Red - @hashirluv's Red theme for your Frappe v13-beta Apps.

Regional Apps

  • CSF_TZ - Regional App for Tanzania.
  • ERPNext Germany - Regional code for Germany, built on top of ERPNext.
  • Grynn Swiss QR Bill - Swiss QR Bill Generator app for ERPNext.
  • GSTR 2B Reconciler - Reconciliation tool for GSTR 2B and Purchase Register.
  • India Compliance - Simple, yet powerful compliance solutions for Indian businesses.
  • KSA - Regional Compliance for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Pakistan Workspace - Regional App for Pakistan with NIC, NTN, and STRN numbers, and reports for FBR tax compliance.
  • Payware - ERPNext Payroll enhancements specific for functionality required in Tanzania.
  • Swiss Accounting Integration - Extend ERPNext with Swiss QR Integration and Abacus Export.
  • Swiss Factur X E Invoicing - For E-Invoice Hybrid PDF based on Factur-X and ZugFerd (EN 16931 Standards).
  • Thai Tax - Thailand Taxation (VAT, WHT) for ERPNext.

Other Apps

Developer Tooling

  • Barista - Automate functional testing of your Frappe Apps.
  • Console - Powerful Console for Frappe Backend
  • DocType Model Generator - Generate models to different languages based on Doctype.
  • Doppio - Magically setup single page applications on your Frappe Apps.
  • Frappe GraphQL - GraphQL API Layer for Frappe Framework.
  • Frappe Schema JSON Diff - CI tool for showing any schema changes between commits.
  • Frappe Test Runner - VS Code extension to run Frappe tests with single keybind.
  • Frappe UI - A set of components and utilities for rapid UI development.
  • frappe_test.vim - Running Frappe unit tests at speed of thought.
  • Frappeviz - Visualize class diagrams of a Frappe App's doctypes using PlantUML.
  • Fsocket - Extend frappe's websocket server using and redis.
  • Intellisense - VSCode Extension and Language Server for Frappe Framework.
  • Semgrep Rules - Semgrep Rules for following the best practices while building your Frappe Apps.
  • TypeScript Type generator - Typescript type definition generator for Frappe DocTypes.

SDKs & Libraries


  • App Template - @Monogramm's supercharged GitHub template for building ERPNext/Frappe Apps.
  • Doppio Bot - AI ChatBot Template, built into Frappe's Desk Interface.
  • Doppio FrappeUI Starter - A Vite + Vue 3 + TailwindCSS + Frappe UI starter template for building frontends for Frappe Apps.

Deployment Tools

Resources allowing you to deploy Frappe apps with your favourite toolset

  • Bench - CLI to Manage Frappe Deployments
  • Benchless - CLI tool to manage Frappe deployments without bench.
  • Docker Hub - Container images for Frappe & ERPNext releases.
  • ERPNextFailOver - Tool to automate setting up Database Replication for ERPNext.
  • Frappe Docker - Official docker images for Frappe.
  • Helm Chart - Kubernetes Helm Chart for ERPNext.

Other Clients

Clients built for the Frappe Framework, other than the standard browser view Desk

  • AdminLTE - Vue-based AdminLTE dashboard for Frappe and ERPNext.
  • Mobile - Mobile App for Frappe built on Dart. [Version 13+]


Resources that can help you harness the power of the Frappe Framework

Community Channels

YouTube Channels

  • @frappetech - Frappe Technologies' official Youtube channel.


Providers that are catered to hosting of Frappe and Frappe Apps

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