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Refined GitHub Feeds

Making the GitHub news feeds great again. This extension enables you to filter the GitHub news feeds based on different event types:


Chrome / Opera / Edge

Chrome also compatible with Edge Opera



Building from sources

More info here


Until recently GitHub news feeds were really good and easy to use. It only contained the following feed items:

  • Stars on your projects
  • Followed you
  • Forked your project

Recently GitHub added a lots of stuff to the news feed making it really cluttered. They even added release feeds from the starred repos.

I had opened a thread on GitHub community and found that it is a new GitHub feature. From the thread I also knew that most people are extremely unhappy about it, following are the main reasons:

  • It kills the true purpose of stars: Stars were supposed to be used as a bookmark or the way of showing appreciation towards the project. Starring a project doesn't necessarily means that I want to follow the project's release updates. Its true purpose is to determine the popluarity of a project.
  • There is already a release option under the watch menu.
  • This feature is annoying since the news feed is getting cluttered due to the release feeds.
  • People will miss the important notifications since their news feed is cluttered.

Discussions link:

I developed this extension as temporary solution for the issue, so that I can remove all the junks from my feeds until GitHub adds a filter or remove this feature entirely. I am open sourcing this so that others can also use it.



npm install

Starting the development server

npm run dev chrome
npm run dev firefox
npm run dev opera
npm run dev edge


npm run build chrome
npm run build firefox
npm run build opera
npm run build edge


The build tool also defines a variable named process.env.NODE_ENV in your scripts.

Toolkit Docs


This project is licensed under GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3.


If you are experiencing any bugs, don’t forget to open a new issue.

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