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Fxp Form Extensions

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The Fxp Form Extensions add Symfony form types.

Features include:

  • Select2 Form Extension for:
    • country form type
    • language form type
    • locale form type
    • timezone form type
    • currency form type
    • choice form type
    • entity form type
    • collection form type
    • collection entity form type
  • Select2 tags compatible for:
    • collection form type
    • collection entity form type
  • Select2 lazy loading for get the selected choices with a big repository
  • Select2 ajax formatter for build a custom ajax response
  • Select2 AJAX search filter compatible
  • Datetime Picker Form Extension for Datetime Type, Date Type and Time Type
  • Currency Form Type
  • Responsive datetime picker jquery plugin (compatible with Twitter Bootstrap 3)


The bulk of the documentation is stored in the Resources/doc/ file in this library:

Read the Documentation


All the installation instructions are located in documentation.


This library is under the MIT license. See the complete license in the library:



Fxp FormExtensions is a François Pluchino initiative. See also the list of contributors.

Reporting an issue or a feature request

Issues and feature requests are tracked in the Github issue tracker.

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