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Connect-Me — Chrome and Firefox Extension for connecting with FOSSASIA

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Helps the user to star all the FOSSASIA, OpnTec and the sister project repositories, helps the user to follow core members and founders of FOSSASIA community, it helps the user to easily become a member of the FOSSASIA community, helps the user to explore the FOSSASIA projects, helps the user to connect with FOSSASIA on various social media platforms.




The web-extension can be easily deployed on all of the Chrome and Firefox versions. Installation instructions are provided below.

Development History

Serial Version Prototype
1 Beta Connect-Me Logo
2 v1 (Chrome) Connect-Me Logo
3 v1 (Firefox) -add-


  • [x] Adding an in-built subscribe button. [#5]
  • [ ] Integrating Orgmanager's REST API. [#4]
  • [ ] Integrating twitter, facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn APIs for following, liking, and pinning respective FOSSASIA channels.


Mario Behling

Piyush Raj

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