Node Webkit Canvas

The beginnings of something beautiful (on the server)
Alternatives To Node Webkit Canvas
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Phantomjs29,074110 months agoJanuary 08, 201811bsd-3-clauseC++
Scriptable Headless Browser
Pikaso16542 months ago44March 17, 202310mitTypeScript
Seamless, headless and fully tested HTML5 Canvas library
Leaflet Headless8816145 years ago15July 22, 20178JavaScript
Leaflet for node.
Node Canvas Webgl83
a month ago3mitJavaScript
Integration of node-canvas and headless-gl.
Headless Render10
6 years agoJavaScript
Captures the content of the canvas elements in a given url using Phantom.js and returns an array of buffer data. Can be used for rendering the output from front-end canvas drawing libraries (like p5.js, chart.js, etc.) on a node.js backend.
Ob Javascript9
6 years ago1Emacs Lisp
Node Webkit Canvas2
8 years agoJavaScript
The beginnings of something beautiful (on the server)
Alternatives To Node Webkit Canvas
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What is this?

example.html |> webkit.js(Canvas(headless-gl)) |>  Buffer

The goal is to transform html documents into Buffers. This example is using pre-existing technologies (webkit.js, headless-gl and node-canvas) to reach this goal.


Currently it doesn't "break" but it doesn't render anything. I believe the issue is that headless-gl has not implemented certian methods. Out of the 144 methods necessary to drive webkit.js, 14 are unimplemented

What can be done more

  • Cleanout Webkit.js
    • GetUserMedia, Websocket, etc - delete this crap
  • Allow Webkit to accept more arguments
    • Window Object
    • XMLHTTPRequest
    • Generating Canvas'
    • Document Object (which is only used for generating canvas' and going fullscreen);
    • URL resolver
  • Canvas interfaces with JSDom
    • DOM on the server is a pretty fresh technology, however JSDOM is currently the standard
    • As it is I created a DOM replacement just to handle the bare minimums that webkit.js requires
      • Perhaps this is a better goal to seek to full compliance
  • Implement window as an Abstract Class
    • This may allow us to set viewport height/width and scroll x/y
  • Canvas getContext returns either a headless-gl or node-canvas
    • This is a little more difficult since the canvas from node-canvas is a c++ Object rather than a JS wrapper
  • Make the system more isomorphic
    • I currently have to go through hoops to make sure this is working properly
  • Rip out important technologies to use elsewhere
    • This will likely never happen
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