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a example of eggjs, mongodb, restful api and other stuff made it work...

Examples for egg


make sure you nodejs version >7.0 install mongodb start mongodb import data.json to mongodb

  1. create Collection: "web_admin" "web_news" "web_newsType" "IdGenerator"
  2. create Documents in data.json run npm to start server npm start
$ npm install
$ npm start

REST API Example

Follow the naming conventions of rails:

method url file path controller name
GET /api/{objects}[?per_page={per_page}&page={page}] app/controller/{objects}.js index()
GET /api/{objects}/:id app/controller/{objects}.js show()
POST /api/{objects} app/controller/{objects}.js create()
PUT /api/{objects}/:id app/controller/{objects}.js update()
DELETE /api/{objects}/:id[s] app/controller/{objects}.js destroy()

api/users GET List


api/users/1 GET Single Data


api/users/2 PUT Update data with uid


api/users POST insert data


same with news and news_type for rest api data.

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