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Fluid Stories

The Publishing Story

  • Hero: Alice (The Publisher)
  • Goal: Become the primary decision maker for her online community.
  • Plot: Publishers subscribe to a plan to create and fully own customizable web3 sites that remain online forever and are blockchain secured.
  • Offer:
    1. Publish Web3 Sites
    2. Full Ownership
    3. Online Forever
    4. Custom Development
    5. Blockchain Security

The Mentoring Story

  • Hero: Bob (The Mentor)
  • Goal: Build meaningful technology that generates income.
  • Plot: Mentors open tech microbusinesses and get paid by taking on complex microjobs to build reusable web3 elements while building reputation and offering tech training.
  • Offer:
    1. Write Web3 Elements
    2. Get Usage Royalties
    3. Open A Microbusiness
    4. Build Reputation
    5. Offer Tech Training

The Apprenticeship Story

  • Hero: Chris (The Apprentice)
  • Goal: Acquire tech skills while making a living.
  • Plot: Apprentices gain tech skills then open tech microbusinesses and take on simple microjobs to tweak sites while getting paid and building reputation.
  • Offer:
    1. Gain Tech Skills
    2. Apply To Microjobs
    3. Do Work And Get Paid
    4. Open A Microbusiness
    5. Build Reputation

Fluid Needs

The Publisher Needs

  • Hero: Alice (The Publisher)

The Mentor Needs

  • Hero: Bob (The Mentor)

The Apprentice Needs

  • Hero: Chris (The Apprentice)

Fluid Chapters

Fluid Trends

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