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flavio – flavour phenomenology in the Standard model and beyond

flavio is a Python package to compute observables in flavour physics, electroweak precision tests, Higgs physics, and other precision tests of the Standard Model, both in the Standard Model and in the presence of new physics encoded in Wilson coefficients of dimension-6 operators.

Project web site

Further information and the package documentation can be found at:

This web site is built with Jekyll and hosted on Github pages. You can check out its source (or submit pull requests) at


See for instructions.

Bugs and feature request

Please submit questions, bugs and feature request using Github's issue system rather than by E-mail. Thanks!



Original author:

  • David M. Straub (@DavidMStraub)

Contributors (in alphabetical order):

  • Jason Aebischer
  • Frederik Beaujean
  • Adam Falkowski
  • Ece Gürler
  • Matthew Kirk
  • Jonathan Kriewald
  • Jacky Kumar
  • Christoph Niehoff
  • Markus Prim
  • Albert Puig
  • Stefanie Reichert
  • Peter Stangl
  • Olcyr Sumensari
  • Zeren Simon Wang


flavio is released under the MIT license.


If you use flavio in a scientific publication, please cite:

D. Straub, "flavio: a Python package for flavour and precision phenomenology in the Standard Model and beyond", arXiv:1810.08132

This paper contains many references to results in the literature that went into the code. Please also consider citing the relevant original literature, where the real work was done.

The flavio repository itself is also citable via a DOI provided by Zenodo:


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