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Developing an Angular 2 edge Application

This application serves as an example for creating a basic Angular 2 application. The application was built as an example application for the Developing an Angular 2 Edge book.

The repository also contains the server side code.


  • Token based authentication
  • Authorization
  • Simple routing
  • Http and web socket communication
  • CRUD operations
  • "Real time" chat


To start the application you need the following installed on your machine:

  • Node
  • MongoDB

You should also have the following npm libraries installed globally:

  • typescript
  • tslint
  • gulp

Set Up

To build the application run the following command in your console window when in the root of the project:

npm install

This installs all of the application dependencies from npm. Now we need to compile .ts and .styl files. To do this run the following command:

Now you can start the server and database with npm start or if you have a mongo server already running ( if you're running linux or a mac machine this might be the case ), first run npm run build and then npm run server.

You can also run npm run watch to start browser-sync for live reloading and the typescript compiler.


The server for the Angular 2 Edge application is built in node.js and uses mongoDb. Server - Client communication is done primarily via web sockets but the server also provides a couple of HTTP Routes for demonstrational purposes.


The API primarily handles JSON data.

Base Url: localhost:5000

Route Method Request Description
/api/authorize POST {email: string, password: string} Returns the user along with the generated token
/api/sign-up POST {email: string, password: string, profileImage: number} Registers a new user
/api/users GET null Returns a list of all users in the database
/api/rooms GET null Returns a list of all rooms in the database

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