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Embed live templates for jasmine (behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code)
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Embed live templates for jasmine (behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code)


Feel free to purpose a Merge Request to improve this tools! Thanks to bornkiller

Jasmine 1.3.x & Jasmine 2.x

You'll be able to use jasmine 2.x live templates by switching to jasmine-2.x branch. master branch will provide live templates for Jasmine 1.3.x. Enjoy!


You can use install bash file to launch copy of xml files to your WebStorm preferences folder. Usage: ./install PATH

PATH is optional (it will be auto computed for Mac OS Platform and Webstorm6/7).


These live templates was made for Jasmine testing framework.

List of available Live Templates

  • jasd: Jasmine describe template
  • jasda: Jasmine describe template with fat arrow function
  • jasi: Jasmine it template
  • jasbi: beforeEach with Angular's inject
  • jasbm: beforEach with AngularJS module
  • jasb: beforeEach
  • jasba: beforeEach with fat arrow function
  • it: Jasmine it template
  • ita: Jasmine it template with fat arrow function
  • iit: Jasmine it template with injectables
  • jasa: afterEach
  • jasaa: afterEach with fat arrow function
  • jasctrl: Jasmine describe controller
  • jasdir: Jasmine describe directive
  • jasf: Jasmine describe filter
  • jass: Jasmine describe service
  • expectbe: Expect(X).toBe(Y)
  • expectnotbe: Expect(X).not.toBe(Y)
  • expectequal: Expect(X).toEqual(Y)
  • expectmatch: Expect(X).toMatch(Y)
  • expectnotmatch: Jasmine Expect(X).not.toMatch(Y)
  • expectdefined: Expect(X).toBeDefined()
  • expectundefined: Expect(X).toBeUndefined()
  • expectnotundefined: Expect(X).toBeUndefined()
  • expectnotdefined: Jasmine expect().not.toBeDefined()
  • expectnull: Expect(X).toBeNull()
  • expectnotnull: Expect(X).not.toBeNull()
  • expecttrue: Expect(X).toBeTruthy(Y)
  • expectfalse: Expect(X).toBeFalsy(Y)
  • expectnotfalse: Expect(X).not.toBeFalsy(Y)
  • expectnottrue: Expect(X).not.toBeTruthy(Y)
  • expectcontain: Expect(X).toContain(Y)
  • expectnotcontain: Expect(X).not.toContain(Y)
  • expectlessthan: Expect(X).toBeLessThan(Y)
  • expectgeaterthan: Expect(X).toBeGreaterThan(Y)
  • expectcloseto: Expect(X).toBeCloseTo(Y, Z)
  • expectthrow: Expect(X).toThrow()
  • expectnotthrow: Expect(X).not.toThrow()
  • spyon: spyOn(Obj, Key)
  • spyonthrough: spyOn(Obj, Key).andCallThrough()
  • spyonreturn: spyOn(Obj, Key).andReturn()
  • spyoncallfake: spyOn(Obj, Key).andCallFake(fct)
  • expecthavebeencalled: Expect(X).toHaveBeenCalled()
  • expecthavebeencalledwith: Expect(X).toHaveBeenCalledWith(Y)
  • expectnumber: expect(X).toEqual(jasmine.any(Number))
  • expectarray: expect(X).toEqual(jasmine.any(Array))
  • expectfunc: expect(X).toEqual(jasmine.any(Function))
  • expectobj: expect(X).toEqual(jasmine.any(Object))
  • expectstr: expect(X).toEqual(jasmine.any(String))
  • expectobjcontain: expect($a$).toEqual(jasmine.objectContaining({}))
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