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This repository contains various documentation and code projects that describe the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) technology. The research was first introduced at Defcon 23 in 2015, and the associated slides are available here: DEFCON_23-WMI-Attacks-Defense-Forensics.pdf.

python-cim (active development)

python-cim is a pure Python parser for the WMI repository database. It supports read access to WMI structures via a flexible API. You can use the provided "sample" scripts to dump persistence locations, identify commonly executed software, timeline activity, and recover deleted data.

WMIParser (unmaintained)

WMIParser is a forensic parser for the WMI repository database files that can extract FilterToConsumerBindings that malicious actors have hijacked. The parser is written in C.

WMI-IDS (unmaintained)

WMI-IDS is a proof-of-concept agent-less host intrusion detection system designed to showcase the unique ability of WMI to respond to and react to operating system events in real-time. WMI-IDS is a PowerShell module that serves as an installer of WMI events on a local or remote system.

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