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드디어 얘기만 듣던 RxSwift 스터디를 시작합니다.



  • 📕 RxSwift - Reactive Programming with Swift by Martin Todorov (구매하기)
  • 🔨 Xcode 9 or Later


  • 총 5개의 Section과 24개의 Chapter로 구성되어 있습니다.

  • 일단 한 Chapter 씩 차근차근히 읽어나갈 계획입니다. (goals: min 1 chapter/day)

  • 각 Chapter 별로 Summary한 내용들을 기록할 계획입니다.

  • 개인적인 스터디 + 추후 틈틈히 챙겨볼 handbook 목적입니다.

  • Section I: Getting Started with RxSwift

    Ch# Chapter Subject Question Note
    1 Hello RxSwift! - RxSwift 개요
    2 Observables - 관찰가능한. RxSwift의 심장

    just, of, from, subscribe.empty, never, range, dispose, create, deferred, single, completable, maybe, do, debug

    3 Subjects Relays & Variables Observable이자 Observer 인 녀석

    PublishSubject, BehaviorSubject, RelaySubject, Variable

    4 Observables and Subjects in Practice - 실전 연습

    single, maybe, completable

  • Section II: Operators and Best Practices

    Ch# Chapter Subject Practice Note
    5 Filtering Operators - 필터링 연산자

    ignoreElements, elementAt, filter, skip, skipWhile, skipUntil, take, takeWhile, enumerated, takeUntil, distinctUntilChanged

    6 Filtering Operators in Practice - 실전 연습

    share, takeLast, throttle

    7 Transforming Operators - 변환 연산자

    toArray, map, enumerated, flatMap, flapMapLatest, materialize, dematerialize, unwrap

    8 Transforming Operators in Practice - 실전 연습

    GitHub API를 이용한 map/flatMap 집중 연습

    9 Combining Operators - 결합 연산자

    startWith, concat, concatMap, merge, merge(maxConcurrent), combineLatest, zip, withLatestFrom, sample, amb, switchLatest, reduce, scan,

    10 Combining Operators in Practice - 실전 연습

    NASA EONET API를 이용한 concat/combineLatest/scan 연습

    11 Time Based Operators - 시간 기반 연산자

    replay, replayAll, buffer, window, delaySubscription, interval, timer, timeout

  • Section III: iOS Apps with RxCocoa

    Ch# Chapter Subject Practice Note
    12 Beginning RxCocoa - 초급 RxCocoa

    rx, bindTo, ControlProperty, Driver, share

    13 Intermediate RxCocoa - 고급 RxCocoa


  • Section IV: Intermediaate RxSwift/RxCocoa

    Ch# Chapter Subject Practice Note
    14 Error Handling in Practice - 에러처리

    catch, retry

    15 Intro To Schedulers - 추후 별도 스터디
    16 Testing with RxTest - skip
    17 Creating Custom Reactive Extensions - extension Reactive where Base: B { }
  • Section V: RxSwift Community Cookbook

    Ch# Chapter Subject Practice Note
    18 Table and collection views - skip
    19 Action - skip
    20 RxGesture - skip
    21 RxRealm - skip
    22 RxAlamofire - skip
  • Section VI: Putting it All Together

    Ch# Chapter Subject Practice Note
    23 MVVM with RxSwift Simple Practice MVVM 아키텍처
    24 Building a Complete RxSwfit App - 추후 별도 스터디
  • Etc

    Date Title Description(Subject) Note
    Mar 16, 2019 ConSalad; 3rd bowl meet the corns RxSwift 1도 몰으겟읍니다에서 시작하기

    - 미지의 영역을 대하는 자세에 관하여



Rx 무식자인 저의 눈높이에 맞춰 가르쳐주시는 멘토분들입니다. 고맙습니다.


Life is a game. Play it :)

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