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This project is no longer maintained!

FieldSight Mobile

Platform License CircleCI

FieldSight is a tool to remotely monitor, supervise and manage your projects. Major objectives of FieldSight includes,

Data Collection

Assure quality and consistency throughout the project lifespan by returning to monitor a site with custom forms collecting 22 kinds of data even when offline and out of range.

Project Management

Replicate the organization structure and assign user specific roles, with differentiated access and dialogue through several communication channels and supporting educational materials.

Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluating.

Track project progress with user friendly dashboards that visualize data in the form of interactive maps, charts and more with a donor viewing option. Export all data simply, for further custom reporting.

Table Of Contents

Setting up your development environment

  1. Download and install Git and add it to your PATH

  2. Download and install Android Studio

  3. Clone the project locally. At the command line:

     git clone

    If you prefer not to use the command line, you can use Android Studio to create a new project from version control using

  4. Use Android Studio to import the project from its Gradle settings. To run the project, click on the green arrow at the top of the screen.

Creating signed releases for Google Play Store

Maintainers keep a folder with a clean checkout of the code

Maintainers have a file in the root folder with the following:


Maintainers have a file in the collect_app folder with the following:

// collect_app/

Maintainers also have a google-services.json file in the collect_app/google-services.json folder.

To generate official signed releases, you'll need the keystore file, the keystore passwords, a configured collect_app/ file, Then run ./gradlew assembleRelease. If successful, a signed release will be at collect_app/build/outputs/apk.


Android Studio Error: SDK location not found. Define location with sdk.dir in the file or with an ANDROID_HOME environment variable.

When cloning the project from Android Studio, click "No" when prompted to open the build.gradle file and then open project.

Execution failed for task ':collect_app:transformClassesWithInstantRunForDebug'.

We have seen this problem happen in both IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio, and believe it to be due to a bug in the IDE, which we can't fix. As a workaround, turning off Instant Run will usually avoid this problem. The problem is fixed in Android Studio 3.5 with the new Apply Changes feature.


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