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A fast, versatile and user-friendly landscape evolution model.

Note: this project is currently under heavy development.

Fastscape is a Python package that provides a lot a small model components (i.e., processes) to use with the xarray-simlab_ modeling framework. Those components can readily be combined together in order to create custom Landscape Evolution Models (LEMs).

Routines from the fastscapelib_ library are used for fast model execution.

.. |Doc Status| image:: :target: :alt: Documentation Status .. |Zenodo| image:: :target: :alt: Citation

.. _xarray-simlab: .. _fastscapelib:


Documentation is hosted on ReadTheDocs:


3-clause ("Modified" or "New") BSD license. See the LICENSE file for details.


Fastscape is developed at the Earth Surface Process Modelling__ group of the GFZ Helmholtz Centre Potsdam.


Citing fastscape

If you use xarray-simlab in a scientific publication, we would appreciate a citation_.

.. _citation:

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