Fixed Data Table

A React table component designed to allow presenting thousands of rows of data.

Project Status: Unmaintained

This project is no longer maintained. We will not be accepting pull requests, addressing issues, nor making future releases.


Fixed Data Tables for React

FixedDataTable is a React component for building and presenting data in a flexible, powerful way. It supports standard table features, like headers, columns, rows, header groupings, and both fixed-position and scrolling columns.

The table was designed to handle thousands of rows of data without sacrificing performance. Scrolling smoothly is a first-class goal of FixedDataTable and it's architected in a way to allow for flexibility and extensibility.

Features of FixedDataTable:

  • Fixed headers and footer
  • Both fixed and scrollable columns
  • Handling huge amounts of data
  • Variable row heights (with adaptive scroll positions)
  • Column resizing
  • Performant scrolling
  • Customizable styling
  • Jumping to a row or column
  • Controlled scroll API allows touch support

Things the FixedDataTable doesn't do:

  • FixedDataTable does not provide a layout reflow mechanism or calculate content layout information such as width and height of the cell contents. The developer has to provide the layout information to the table instead.
  • FixedDataTable does not handle sorting of data. Instead it allows the developer to supply data getters that can be sort-, filter-, or tail-loading-aware.
  • FixedDataTable does not fetch the data (see above)

Getting started

Install fixed-data-table using npm.

npm install fixed-data-table

Add the default stylesheet dist/fixed-data-table.css, then import it into any module.

Basic Example

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import {Table, Column, Cell} from 'fixed-data-table';

// Table data as a list of array.
const rows = [
  ['a1', 'b1', 'c1'],
  ['a2', 'b2', 'c2'],
  ['a3', 'b3', 'c3'],
  // .... and more

// Render your table
      header={<Cell>Col 1</Cell>}
      cell={<Cell>Column 1 static content</Cell>}
      header={<Cell>Col 2</Cell>}
      cell={<MyCustomCell mySpecialProp="column2" />}
      header={<Cell>Col 3</Cell>}
      cell={({rowIndex, ...props}) => (
        <Cell {...props}>
          Data for column 3: {rows[rowIndex][2]}


Use GitHub issues for requests.

We actively welcome pull requests; learn how to contribute.


Changes are tracked as GitHub releases.


FixedDataTable is BSD-licensed. We also provide an additional patent grant.