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BT Framework 2

BT Framework 2 is the next version of [BT Framework] (, a code-centric behavior tree framework for Unity3d.
It is for those who like to do most of the things in code.




  1. Code-centric and minimum dependencies on Unity3d, so it won't pollute your inspector.
  2. Familiar APIs for you to build customized action nodes & conditional nodes. If you come from a state machine background, you should find it familiar.
  3. More stable than previous version as important logic nodes are covered by unit tests;
  4. A GUI tool for visulize the behavior tree built, which helps debuging process.

How to Use It


Tips & Tricks


Unit Tests



  1. Improve the visulization tool;
  2. Choose an approach for better subtree reuse, factory pattern is what I'm considering right now;

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