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Exokit Web

Javascript WebXR metaverse engine

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Exokit Web is a Javascript library for composing multiple WebXR applications in a regular web page. It works in all web browsers, VR and AR headsets, with no dependencies.


import '';

xrEngine = document.createElement('xr-engine');
xrEngine.src = 'app.html';


// Create WebXR session
session = await navigator.xr.requestSession('immersive-vr');

// Add Mozilla Hub
fooFrame = document.createElement('xr-iframe');
fooFrame.src = '';

// Add A-Painter too
barFrame = document.createElement('xr-iframe');
barFrame.src = '';

See index.html for a full example.

Start example server

npm install
npm start

How to use

Import ew.js into your app:

<script type=module src=""></script>

In the top-level directory of your app, create the file sw.js with these contents:


The boilerplate code has this set up already.

Finally, make sure you are serving your app over https:// (or localhost), which is required for Service Workers.

And that's it! Read the API Documentation.

Future directions

  • Render HTML to texture
  • Cross-app messaging
  • Automatic multiplayer with WebRTC
  • Immersive Web Payments API

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