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Exercism exercises in the D Programming Language


Each exercise is identified by a slug. The slug is all lower-case, and if it is multiple words, it is hyphenated.

E.g. circular-buffer.

The following conventions are used when adding a new exercise:

  • Name the directory $SLUG
  • Place the tests in source/$SLUG.d, replacing hyphens with underscores.
  • Place the example solution in example/$SLUG.d, replacing hyphens with underscores.
  • Add a file named dub.sdl with two lines: name "$SLUG" and buildRequirements "disallowDeprecations".


$ tree exercises/circular-buffer

2 directories, 3 files


If you're having trouble getting this project set up locally, please open an issue and we'll help you get it sorted (and then see about improving the documentation).

There is useful Exercism-wide documentation about contributing to language tracks in the exercism/docs repository.

D icon

The D "Digital Mars" logo is owned by Digital Mars, Inc. Digital Mars, Inc. allows anyone to use, modify and redistribute the logo provided that the copyright holder is properly attributed. The original image is part of the D programming language "" source repository, released under version 1.0 of the Boost Software License. We have modified the image, changing the colour scheme, to create the D icon for Exercism.

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