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It is an android image editing SDK with simple, easy support for image manipulation.


  • Adding Images.
  • Adding Stickers.
  • Adding Text with option to change its Color.
  • Drawing on image with option to change its Color, its Size and Erasing.
  • Scaling and Rotating views.
  • Deleting views.
  • Saving photo after editing.
  • Undo after adding views.
  • Transforms
    • Flip
    • Rotate
    • Resize


  • Hassle free coding
  • Increase efficiency
  • Easy image editing


For Gradle :

Step 1 : Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories

allprojects {
  repositories {
   maven { url '' }

Step 2 : Add the dependency

dependencies {
         compile 'com.github.eventtus:photo-editor-android:v1.0'

For Maven :

Step 1 : Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories


Step 2 : Add the dependency


User Documentation :

  1. First of all you have to get instance of PhotoEditorSDK to initialize it and start calling the desired functions.
photoEditorSDK = new PhotoEditorSDK.PhotoEditorSDKBuilder(PhotoEditorActivity.this)
//add parent image view
//add the desired image view
//add the deleted view that will appear during the movement of the views
// add the brush drawing view that is responsible for drawing on the image view
// build photo editor sdk
  1. To add Text on the image:
photoEditorSDK.addText(text, colorCodeTextView);
  1. To add Image or Stickers:
  1. To add Emoji:
photoEditorSDK.addEmoji(emojiName, emojiFont);
  1. To Draw on the image:
// brushDrawingMode is false by default, true if you want to draw on the image view
  1. To change the Color and Size of the drawing view and the Size and the Color of the Eraser view:
  1. To Save the image after editing:
photoEditorSDK.saveImage(folderName, imageName);
  1. To Undo the added Views (Image or Text):
  1. To Clear All the added Views (Image or Text):
  1. To Clear All the added Drawing Views:
  1. To listen on Added Views, Edit the added Text Views, Added and Removed Views and Start and Stop Moving Views. You can implement:
photoEditorSDK.setOnPhotoEditorSDKListener(new OnPhotoEditorSDKListener() {
	public void onEditTextChangeListener(String text, int colorCode) {

    public void onAddViewListener(ViewType viewType, int numberOfAddedViews) {

	public void onRemoveViewListener(int numberOfAddedViews) {

	public void onStartViewChangeListener(ViewType viewType) {

	public void onStopViewChangeListener(ViewType viewType) {


We welcome contributions from other developers to help us make the SDK even better. Before you contribute there are a number of things that you should know please see for details.


PhotoEditorSDK was originally written by Ahmed Adel. Project is maintained and funded by



Copyright (c) 2017 Eventtus, PhotoEditorSDK is released under the MIT license.

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