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Better Lua Syntax For Vim

It's just what it says on the tin. (and a little more)

Edited from the original vim file, it adds support for 5.3 and 5.4, while removing support for 4.0 and 5.0 because literally nobody ever uses those anymore.


  • set g:lua_subversion to change the highlighting of the standard library
  • set g:BetterLua_enable_emmylua to 0 to turn off EmmyLua comment highlighting


  • Built in functions are given a different highlight group so they actually show up by default

  • Added built ins from 5.3 and 5.4

  • Attribute tags from 5.4 have a highlight group

    • luaAttrib
      • local x <const> = 5
      • local y <close> = setmetatable(...)
    • this one may have some unintentional consequences as it ends the highlight region with the = sign, but local x <const> is useless, but valid code. So for now, just don't make nil consts.
  • Function calls have a highlight group

    • luaFuncCall
  • EmmyLua style comments have their own highlight groups (all prefixed with luaEmmy)

    • luaEmmyKeyword
      • The @ directives like @param, @type
    • luaEmmyClassName
    • luaEmmyAliasName
    • luaEmmyParamName
    • luaEmmyFieldName
    • luaEmmyFieldExposure
      • public, protected, or private after a @field directive
    • luaEmmyGenericName
    • luaEmmyGenericParentName
    • luaEmmyFieldName
    • luaEmmyLang
    • luaEmmyType
      • Type names, the string in @param foo string
        • or @type string for var annotations
  • Self, while not a keyword, has a highlight group

    • luaSelf
  • Operator symbols are now highlighted

    • luaSymbol
  • Varargs has a separate highlight group to not get highlighted as a partial concatenation operator

    • luaVarargs


  • Add luajit
  • Add screenshots
  • Probably some testing, some proof-reading, and refactors

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