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Cross-platform cryptographic functions in swift using the Crypto JS library. Allows you to share the same crypto between a native iOS/OSX application and a web application.

Compatible with

⚠️ New project in development

The javascript library used to implement the cryptography in this project is no longer maintained and suffers severe performance limitations over the new WebCrypto API. A new modern library called WebCrypto.swift is being developed. WebCrypto.swift leverages the power of the WebCrypto API while keeping backwards compatibility with this project.

No new development will happen in this repository. Do not submit new feature requests here. If you want something to be implemented, please submit an issue in the new repository:

Platforms Supported

Web browsers


Drag and drop CryptoJS.swift and the javascript files in your Xcode project.


Supported modes: CBC (the default), CFB, CTR, OFB, ECB
Supported padding schemes: Pkcs7 (the default), Iso97971, AnsiX923, Iso10126, ZeroPadding, NoPadding

// Load the AES module
let AES = CryptoJS.AES()

// Basic AES encryption
let encrypted = AES.encrypt("Secret message", password: "password123")
let decrypted = AES.decrypt(encrypted, password: "password123")

// AES encryption with custom mode and padding
CryptoJS.mode.ECB() // Load custom mode
CryptoJS.pad.Iso97971() // Load custom padding scheme
let encrypted = AES.encrypt("Secret message", password: "password123", options:[ "mode": CryptoJS.mode().ECB, "padding": CryptoJS.pad().Iso97971 ])
let decrypted = AES.decrypt(encrypted, password: "password123", options:[ "mode": CryptoJS.mode().ECB, "padding": CryptoJS.pad().Iso97971 ])
Compatible with OpenSSL
# Basic openSSL AES encryption
openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -e -in /foo/thePlainTextFile.txt -out /bar/theEncryptedFile.txt -pass pass:"password123" -base64

# Basic openSSL AES decryption
openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -d -in /foo/theEncryptedFile.txt -out /bar/theDecryptedFile.txt -pass pass:"password123" -base64


// Load the TripleDES module
let TripleDES = CryptoJS.TripleDES()

// Basic TripleDES encryption
let encrypted = TripleDES.encrypt("secretMessage", password: "password123")
let decrypted = TripleDES.decrypt(encrypted, password: "password123")


// Load the DES module
let DES = CryptoJS.DES()

// Basic DES encryption
let encrypted = DES.encrypt("secretMessage", password: "password123")
let decrypted = DES.decrypt(encrypted, password: "password123")


let MD5 = CryptoJS.MD5()
let SHA1 = CryptoJS.SHA1()
let SHA224 = CryptoJS.SHA224()
let SHA256 = CryptoJS.SHA256()
let SHA384 = CryptoJS.SHA384()
let SHA512 = CryptoJS.SHA512()
let SHA3 = CryptoJS.SHA3()
let RIPEMD160 = CryptoJS.RIPEMD160()

var hash = MD5.hash("mystring")
var hash = SHA1.hash("mystring")
var hash = SHA224.hash("mystring")
var hash = SHA256.hash("mystring")
var hash = SHA384.hash("mystring")
var hash = SHA3.hash("mystring")
var hash = SHA512.hash("mystring")
var hash = SHA3.hash("mystring",outputLength: 256)
var hash = RIPEMD160.hash("mystring")


When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue, email, or any other method with the owners of this repository before making a change.

Update the with details of changes to the plugin.

Update the examples by demonstrating the changes to the plugin.

Build the project & test all the features before submitting your pull request.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details.

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