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Ethers Wallet - iOS

Ethers Wallet makes it simple to send, receive and manage your ether and interact with Ethereum Dapps (distributed applications) from standard Ethereum accounts.


  • Import and export standard 12 word mnemonic phrases to and from other wallets
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Accounts are encrypted and automatically synchronized across all devices via iCloud Keychain
  • Scan QR codes with the camera or open saved pictures from the photo library
  • Supports Ethers-enabled Ethereum Dapps

Developer Features:

  • Full testnet (Ropsten) support
  • Supports custom JSON-RPC nodes, for additional privacy or to use with private, consortium or alternate public blockchains
  • Open Source (MIT licensed)
  • To enable the developer features, after installing, click!debug

To Do

  • Allow (and suggest based on EOA vs Contract) selecting gas limit
  • Full Ethereum Dapp support
  • Add injected Web3 API calls
  • Import non-standard (and broken implementation) wallets (eg. Wrong BIP44 path, missing SHA512 padding bytes)
  • Import Geth wallet (through
  • Get Internal transactions working in the Transaction History
  • Documentation, documentation, documentation


MIT License.


Everything is released under the MIT license, so these is absolutely no need to donate anything. If you would like to buy me a coffee though, I certainly won't complain. =)

  • Ethereum: 0x00fC64443799AFB803FA209903f21671D85a6ABd
  • Bitcoin: 1FeT1mWc94jyfEimSdjhKkvYbF47J2K8Wf

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