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Baseline Protocol


Combining advances in cryptography, messaging, and blockchain to execute
secure and private business processes via the public Ethereum Mainnet.

Read the full documentation here at

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Baseline Protocol Release v0.1.0

Version 0.1 of the baseline protocol packages has been released! For some background information, check out this section of our docs. There are two entrypoints where you can get involved in the codebase:

  • core/ -- the "core" Baseline Protocol packages
  • examples/bri-1 -- the BRI-1 reference implementation. One or more "core" baseline protocol packages are needed to baseline-enable applications and systems of record.

Core Modules & Packages

Package Source Path Description
@baseline-protocol/api core/api Core baseline API package providing unified access to the baseline JSON-RPC module and blockchain, registry and key management interfaces
@baseline-protocol/contracts core/contracts Solidity contracts packaged as a Truffle project; includes ERC1820/organization registry
@baseline-protocol/messaging core/messaging Core messaging package with protocol-agnostic p2p interface with NATS and Whisper implementations
@baseline-protocol/persistence core/persistence Persistence package; this is a placeholder for system of record integration standards (see ERP connector projects under examples/)
@baseline-protocol/privacy core/privacy Core privacy package initially exposing a zkSnark circuit provider factory; designed to support future privacy implementations
@baseline-protocol/types core/types Core reuseable type definitions; also provides a convenience wrapper around interacting with lib/ assets (i.e. circuits)




All code in this repo is released under the CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication. For the full license text, refer to LICENSE.


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