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Show a UIViewController in a popover with background blurred. Introduced in China Air Quality Index.

Demo Video

iOS 7.0+ is required. "Throwing away to dismiss" gesture is inspired by Tweetbot.

NOTE: Release 3.0.0 of RWBlurPopover is incompatible with previous releases.


  • Add a pod description into your podfile:
pod 'RWBlurPopover', '~> 3.0.0'


  • Clone this repo, drop .h and .m files from RWBlurPopover into your project.


  • Include RWBlurPopover whenever you need it with #import <RWBlurPopover/RWBlurPopover.h>.

  • Present a UIViewController inside a popover with background blurred:

[RWBlurPopover showContentViewController:contentViewController insideViewController:presentingViewController];


RWBlurPopover *popover = [[RWBlurPopover alloc] initWithContentViewController:nav];
[popover showInViewController:self];
  • Disable dismissing by tapping on blur background view (default is enabled):
popover.tapBlurToDismiss = NO;
  • Disable dismissing by "throwing" gesture (default is enabled):
popover.throwingGestureEnabled = NO;
  • Dismiss the view controller presented by RWBlurPopover programmatically:
[contentViewController dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:nil];


MIT License

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